Our next webinar will be on May 31. TOPIC: TBA

Perhaps You've Struggled with Some Communication Gaps

Do you have a high level of knowledge regarding your subject and yet,

  • Not respected as an expert?
  • Frustrated because you're doing the right things, yet your impact and influence are low?
  • People zone out on you
  • You've hit a diminished return on your communication skills
  • You've run out of solutions to influence your audience. 

If you've said YES to any of these, come join us for a complimentary webinar to learn about solutions unique for you!

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • Turn technical information into an interpersonal connection.
  • Learn techniques that bring out your humanity when delivering "dry" data 
  • Make complex ideas simple and easy to understand
  • Create a personalized communication roadmap that's effective for YOU!
  • "Reading the Room" techniques
  • Impromptu adjustment techniques to communicate to the hearts and minds of your audience 

Anthony is the best communications specialist I have worked with. What a great opportunity to check out the work he does to improve your communications skills!

- Kathy Nelson

Utility Telecommunications Technology Strategist | Principal at West Monroe | Podcast host of Ordinarily Extraordinary - conversations with women in STEM

AVB is the single best executive coach I have ever hired to work with CEOs and company leaders. Our public relations firm considers Anthony our "go-to" person for executives or leaders who either need a confidence booster or a kick in the pants. One word sums up the outcome: authenticity. Anthony helps every client become their best, most authentic self. The proof is clearly visible on two fronts: the executives feel more confident, more relaxed and ready to handle any situation -- including the toughest questions; and, the audience is engaged because they know in their hearts the executive is speaking from the heart. Working with AVB is the biggest no-brainer I can think of when it comes to connecting leaders to the world they need to serve.

- Patrick Milan

Chief Insights Officer, Tunheim; Member, Board of Trustees at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota; Chair, Business Development Committee at IPREX Global Communication; President, Board of Directors, Artistry Minnesota

Selling a house, condo or commercial real estate is not just about telling the prospect about the property stats and return on their investments. It’s about being a great listener, creating an authentically trusting relationship with the prospects, and focusing totally on their goals and expectations, to then not only meet them but exceed them. I do not know anyone who teaches’s these invaluable qualities more effectively than Anthony Vincent Bova.

- Jose Liza

Real Estate Top Producer at Remax Villa Realtors / Also very passionate about Internet Marketing, SEO, family & friends!