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Why Us?

We are experts in seeing what you don’t always see.

We provide solutions that no-one else prescribes. We close the gap by “blueprinting” your communication process, identify any blocks or challenges, demystify the roadmap to your message being unleashed. 

The Results:

  • Your statement will be more authentic than ever 
  • Your ability to communicate will dramatically increase  
  • Your communication skills will do justice to the knowledge you possess 

Is This For You? 

Typically, our clients are business professionals: 

  1. That have a mastery of their subject but struggle in communicating their subject with influence and impact. 
  2. Have had soft-skill training (Leadership, Sales, Public Speaking, Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, and so on) but are still coming up short.  

A Business Professional becomes a member on a site with their own portal with his/her exercise regimen. Our work is most effective when practiced incrementally and repetitiously by themselves and with an accountability staff member. 

Business Professional starts to see and experience the process of behavioral transformation and has new effective communication “hardwired” habits.


Some Common Problems: 

  • The Business Professional communication challenges were never accurately assessed  
  • Solutions were not customized to the uniqueness of the business professional. 
  • Sometimes the naturally gifted speakers on a team start to speak for the team rather than the individual specialist on the team. 
  • Unidentified tensions or resistances can result in rambling or speaking inappropriately. 

 Our Solutions: 

  • We customize every client’s solutions based on what they need, as opposed to what they should adapt to when adopting an “off the shelf” training program. 
  • Our training consists of incremental and repetitious workouts, with an accountability partner, ensuring the highest level of “hard wire change” to antidote communication challenges. 

How you will Benefit?  

Every business professional starts with a plan of where they are,
to where they want to arrive, and we help create the roadmap
to getting you there. 


What Happens w/ The Company 

Our work is not only inspiring but it’s structured to pull the best out of everyone,
creating an environment of a renewed respect and appreciation for each other.


Why You Need A Mentor 

Your audience makes an instant judgement on your character, intelligence, trustworthiness and credibility based on how you communicate. Consequently, it is easy to lose sight on how and what we communicate, thus often losing our audience. 

Having a mentor at EdgeWork Communication Institute will help groom you, guide you and navigate you through the myriad of unique and common communication pitfalls that will impact your ability to influence..  

Knowing a set of Leadership, Sales, Management and Public Speaking skills are only as effective as your ability to apply them emotionally, intellectually, physiologically and physically.  

By unlocking blocks and negative patterns in this area allows our clients to dramatically improve their performance.

What You Will Cover 

After your Communication Pain Points have been assessed, you will be facilitated through a curriculum of customized exercises that are the designed, and structured, to address your communication challenges. It is proven that if you are free of your communication blocks, your statement, unleashed, will be unparalleled to any other voice in the room.

Soft skills training boosts productivity and employee retention by 12% and yields a 256% return on investment.   

University of Michigan Study