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Freedom Breakthrough Program


EdgeWork's Virtual Training Options

When a communication engagement comes up short, it’s rarely due to the speaker not being able to deliver. More times than not, the speaker hasn't learned a communication training foundation they can depend on to remedy their unique communication challenges. 

Communication is Personal - So are your Communication Solutions

We have created a metric system in our membership programs to understand how to customize your training for, YOU! 

We've customized exercises which are based in a specific system of acting used by thousands of business professionals and actors worldwide. Some of the acting legends of our time rely on these exercises for every take, whether it is to liberate themselves from blocks or accessing different parts of themselves to fulfill a role.

In-person training may be added to any of the following programs. 

Private Coaching Elite

- 3 Month Membership

- 1 Year Membership

Committed to transforming your communication skills? This highly customized deep immersion program is the perfect fit. In the way a doctor prescribes medication for an ailment, you are assigned specific exercises from your private exercise gallery, to antidote your communication pain points and to fulfill your communication goals. 

  • Clear goals are set with a deadline in which they will be reached
  • Client has their own private portal, accessing a gallery of exercises designed to eliminate just about any soft-skill communication pain point.
  • 45-minute private sessions 
  • Metrics are taken throughout the training program
  • Video feedback
  • 360 Feedback (Optional) 

Participant leaves with: 

  • A facilitator feedback report
  • A self-assessment feedback report
  • Breakthrough exercises 
  • Metric report - documenting your progress


Freedom Breakthrough Program

 - 3 Month Membership

- 6 Month Membership 

- 1 Year Membership 

Unique communication challenges demands a supportive environment. 

Our Freedom Breakthrough Program is designed for the business professional that’s committed to gain a higher level of influence based on their ability to communicate more effectively. 

In order to have real progress in communication training, you must have a place to fail, as well as succeed. This is what we provide, a safe environment for you to grow and learn about yourself as well as communicating your message.

This is designed for teams and companies that are committed to gaining a higher level of influence. 


  • Your own private portal in which your program resides
  • Weekly live class
  • Pain point remedy exercises designed to antidote your communication challenges
  • Facebook Forum: for EdgeWork community interaction
  • Bonus Specialty Classes

Participant leaves with:

  • A feedback report from the facilitator
  • A feedback report from self-assessments 
  • EdgeWork breakthrough exercises
  • Self-created breakthrough exercises 
  • Metric Report: documenting your progress
  • Networking contacts
  • Discount options for further study
  • A 360 feedback log (if applicable)

Private Corporate Account

VIP Membership 

Our VIP Membership Private Corporate Account is for companies that require 100% customization, on their timeline. This program is designed for individual and team communication goals, or a communication shift within the company at large.

The length of training, amount of sessions, type of sessions, individual attention are all based on the company’s goals and expectations. 

Includes Company Private:

  • Portal  
  • Classes
  • Pain point remedy classes based on company needs
  • EdgeWork Facebook Forum  
  • Team Building Classes

Company and Participants leave with:

  • Facilation feedback report
  • A feedback report from self-assessments 
  • EdgeWork breakthrough exercises
  • Self-created breakthrough exercises 
  • Metric Report: documenting your progress
  • A 360 feedback report 

Is This For You? 

Typically, EdgeWork clients are business professionals: 

  1. That have a mastery of their subject but struggle in communicating with influence and impact. 
  2. Who have had training (Leadership, Sales, Public Speaking, Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, and so on) but are still coming up short.  
  3. Who have communication paint points (common or unique) but do not know how to resolve it. 
  4. Who've hit a diminished return in their career and/or company goals and objectives based on their current communication skills. 

Soft skills training boosts productivity and employee retention by 12% and yields a 256% return on investment.   

University of Michigan Study