The missing ” communication link” to increasing your value and exceeding expectations 

Why would you be asked to present a topic to a room filled with specialty experts who know more about your subject than you do and have heard countless presentations?  

More often than I remember, technical professionals will want to meet with me to ask this question. 
When I ask them about the specific technical information they will discuss, they spurt it from the mindset of being annoyed, intimidated, confused, defeated, defensive, and resigned to accomplishing nothing and wasting everyone’s time while lowering their value.

From a managerial standpoint, the reason someone is asked to be this speaker varies from poor judgment to highly intuitive and strategic judgment. Regardless, from the speaker’s perspective, what do you do? What can you do? How can you have the highest odds of raising your value and exceeding expectations when your mindset is in turmoil? To answer this question, I want to use the example of standup comedians. In this example, one of the topics in their repertoire is “teaching your parents the computer over the phone.” I have heard many standup comedians speak on this topic, some funnier than others. When I listen to yet another standup comedian talk about this topic, I am either exhausted or entertained based on their point of view, their relationship to this topic, their relationship with their parents, and their unique perspective. 

This exact parallel applies to you, a technical professional regarding your subject. What do you find interesting about your subject? What is the ripple effect if the specifics of your subject are utilized inaccurately? What PAIN do you believe the audience cares about, and how can you communicate your concerns to their PAIN and values through the common topic? 

Reminder: What is refreshing and as valuable as the topic you are speaking about is your unique perspective and your relationship regarding your topic.