3-month Commitment

If you communicate technical or analytical information and are looking for the edge in making an impact with your audience, obtaining a solid communication foundation is essential. EdgeWork's three-month Foundations Program is a great option. Your talent and personality will be REVEALED!

Behavior Transformed

6-Month Commitment

You might be in a new position or simply given more responsibility. Still, the bottom line is you must substantively raise your ability to communicate and deliver technical or analytical information in your presentation or sales. In this 6-month commitment program, you can expect to TRANSFORM your communication skills.

Career Breakthrough

1-Year Commitment

This program is an excellent choice for highly technical or analytical professionals that are not only looking to transform their behavior but are looking to make a CAREER BREAKTHROUGH. After being closely mentored for an entire year, you will have gained the knowledge and embodiment of a full communication system that will give you an advantage in any communication environment.