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Apr 28, 2022
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“If you feel tension, use it” ... Really?

Mar 23, 2022

Have you ever heard of the saying, “If you feel tension, use it”? For some business professionals, that works, but for most, it doesn’t. In communication, tension is a manifestation of unexpressed impulses and peaks when your focus is on yourself. Tension is a severe ailment to millions of business professionals when they communicate.  Notice the common use of “I” in the following questions. “Am I good enough?”  How do I look?”  “How should I start?”, “How should I end?”, “How am I doing?” “How do I close?”, ”Will I get my point across?”  As long as you focus on “I” while presenting, you can expect your tension to take over. 

Solution: First, it’s essential to know that tension is not a horrible thing. It's life, and we all experience it. What you want to do is understand it so you can manage it. If you feel tension creeping up and you...

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Why do highly Technical/Analytical professionals sometimes come up short when seeking communication solutions?

Jan 10, 2022

The short answer is that many technical/analytical professionals want the solution to be something they can understand and resonate with from an "analytical" mindset. However, the process of communication is not analytical. Perhaps the subject and data might be in the analytical realm; however, the process of connecting technical or analytical data to another human being is experiential. 

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Where there are Experiences, there are Feelings.

 Every time you have a communication engagement, an exchange of information via human experience, with an individual, or if you are an audience member of a presentation, you leave FEELING … something. It could be excitement, disappointment, appreciated, devalued, motivated, exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted, empowered and determined, depressed, heroic, or the rest of the human rainbow of emotions. Regardless of what the FEELING is, you do leave FEELING something. Feelings are emotions we...

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Nov 15, 2021

I am writing this blog to point out some key parallel points between business communication and a recently watched documentary.

I enjoy watching documentaries. When done well, any topic interests me. Zac Efron is a well-known actor, performer, and celebrity. I enjoyed his work most when he played opposite Huge Jackman in the movie, The Greatest Showman. He has, in the ballpark, 50 million followers on Instagram and has recently produced and starred in a Netflix series, Down To Earth, with his Wellness expert and friend, Darin Olien.

The hook that got me to get this documentary a shot was when I heard Zac say (paraphrase) "I have all these followers, and I'm in a unique position to make a positive impact". To that end, in this documentary, Down To Earth, Zac and Darin tour the world, looking for new perspectives on very old problems in the area of food, water and energy, wildlife, long life, and more. 

However, what got me hooked to watch the entire series was a different thing...

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