“If you feel tension, use it” ... Really?

blog Mar 23, 2022

Have you ever heard of the saying, “If you feel tension, use it”? For some business professionals, that works, but for most, it doesn’t. In communication, tension is a manifestation of unexpressed impulses and peaks when your focus is on yourself. Tension is a severe ailment to millions of business professionals when they communicate.  Notice the common use of “I” in the following questions. “Am I good enough?”  How do I look?”  “How should I start?”, “How should I end?”, “How am I doing?” “How do I close?”, ”Will I get my point across?”  As long as you focus on “I” while presenting, you can expect your tension to take over. 

Solution: First, it’s essential to know that tension is not a horrible thing. It's life, and we all experience it. What you want to do is understand it so you can manage it. If you feel tension creeping up and you have tools and techniques to lessen it or even eliminate it, now you can be the master of your emotional life and communication experience. Remember, you are the master of your event.  Your event is not the master of you.   

Finally, the number one communication challenge is when you have a dire need to show your audience that you are “better” and more “successful” than how you perceive you are. The unacceptance of your perceived reality is most damning. The best communicators are advocates, regardless of the cause. They are usually not “polished”; however, their cause … their message is “bigger” than they are. Their focus is on the prize, not on the “I.”    

How does this relate to your communication and presentations? Focus on the importance of your message and how it helps your audience. 

What is your message? Are you influencing and impacting your audience with it?   


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