Uncategorized Nov 16, 2021

When meeting a new group of business professionals for training, I usually start with this question - What comes to mind when you think of Acting and Business Communications? I ask this question because my Communications System is founded on a specific system of Acting that I've been working within and a master of for over three decades. Inevitably I hear answers like "Acting helps for you have to take on a role at work that's not you," "Acting helps to get showmanship in your presentations," "Acting pushes your ability to be what you're not, and in business, many times you have to be what you're not," and so on. Each of these answers makes me cringe. My work is the 100 percent opposite. Any time you're "acting," you're faking it. The reason why you're faking it is for one reason and one reason only; you believe the reality you are experiencing at that moment is not valid enough. Once you invalidate your truth, you're communicating to your audience that you do not trust them to see what's really going on. This is problematic for relationship building, leadership, sales, management, negotiations, and every other aspect of your business. Let's look at "Acting Nice" vs. "Being Nice" for example: "Acting Nice" fosters a culture of non-trust, repression, and judgment. When you're "Acting Nice," whomever you're speaking to is wondering on some level what the real story is. "Being Nice" fosters a culture of communication, trust with the opportunity to work out problems and opens the door to empathy and active listening as well.

So, I end with a few open-ended questions: How often do you communicate to your audience in which your inner-life, your truth, is different from what you're saying? and HOW can you change that? This journey is different for each individual, but the results are the same. When your inner life is the same as your outer life, your work is more mission-based. In this state, you are at the peak of your influence and impact.



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