About The Work


EdgeWork Soft-Skills System is solely dedicated in addressing the business professional's communication pain points that stand between them and influencing their audience with their authentic message. 

I am a specialist in getting to the core of soft-skill nuances that are many times missed in contemporary training. Communication challenges are as unique and diverse as there are people in this world, thus making their roadmap to eliminating their challenges equally unique. 


BEING FREE from any interpersonal or “soft-skill” challenges that stand in the way, making your authentic statement impactful and influential. 

Our Methodology = Our Difference:

Most training methodologies train the client HOW TO achieve proficiency in the art of communications. 

I train the client how to identify and eliminate the blocks that stop them from applying any training methodology effectively. 


The origin of this work is based on a specialized technique of acting that’s over 60 years in development, in which Anthony Vincent Bova has been involved for over 3 decades.  The main focus is to train the actor how to identify and eliminate obstacles from their authentic statement, thus, how not to act. 

Communication blocks come up for different people for various reasons, and at times the solutions need to be customized so the business professional can make sense of them and apply corrective measures. 

Solutions are rendered useless if they don’t resonate with the professional. 

Communication Blocks are identified through a series of training and exercises, the professional is liberated from their blocks. Once the professional is free from their communication blocks they are then in a position to communicate their knowledge with influence and impact.

Company Focus


  • Scientists
  • Technical Professionals
  • Engineers 
  • Mathematicians
  • Analysts  
  • C-Suites 
  • Managers
  • Sales Forces of highly technical products and services

Industries That Anthony's Impacted 

  • STEM
  • Utility - Energy 
  • Public Relations 
  • Financial Companies 
  • Women Associations 
  • Academic Institutions 
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Fashion & Cosmetic
  • Entrepreneur’s of diverse backgrounds

85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills. 

Harvard University