About Anthony

Anthony Vincent Bova

Anthony Vincent Bova is a Communication Pain-Point Specialist. He is a recognized expert in “blueprinting'' his clients’ communication process and, in real-time, facilitates a personalized solution that is tailored to instantly address, and gradually eliminate their specific communication blocks and challenges.  

Typically his clients are in STEM or highly analytical careers in which they have a high level of knowledge regarding their subject, but their delivery is not as high. He has created a communication training system that closes the gap between knowledge and delivery, resulting in turning seemingly mundane technical or analytical information into an emotionally impactful connection.  

His impact has been universal, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 to Small Businesses to Entrepreneurs who have greatly benefitted from Anthony’s approach. After working with Anthony, his clients are more trusted, their relationships strengthened, and they are viewed with a higher level of credibility and confidence — but, more importantly, they are able to communicate their message with a higher level of influence and impact. 

Based in NYC, he has had his own theater in Times Square for a decade, training both actors and executives. As a communications coach, he has developed his in-depth methodology for over 30 years. 

98% of HR leaders believe soft skills are important for candidates looking for technology roles, so important that 67% say they withheld a job offer from a talented IT candidate due to a lack of soft skills.

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