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Liana Jo Ault (Special Guest)

Venture General Manager, Energy Innovation, Nokia

EdgeWork's Roundtable Series

Topic: The Missing Link to Communicating Technical Information with Impact

What is that quality about you, that is beyond the data, that compels your audience to take action? 


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Our Freedom Breakthrough Program is a fully comprehensive program designed for STEM and highly analytical professionals to BREAKTHROUGH common and unique communication obstacles that stand in the way of effectively communicating their expertise!

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Webinar: Antidotes to Mono-Dynamic Communication and Presentations

Your ideas may be exciting and dynamic, but if it's communicated mono-dynamically your audience will likely zone out.

Apply Dynamic Communication Techniques That Add Interest, Clarity, and Engagement to Your Communications and Presentations

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Being Compelled to Take Action

Jul 01, 2022

"My work demands that I communicate technical information to colleagues and clients all the time. Working with Anthony Vincent Bova has helped me build confidence, but more importantly, Anthony has taught me to connect to the hearts and minds of my audience, regardless of their technical background, with great success in fulfilling my company’s mission related to customer service."

Linda LaTourelle
Sr. Manager Customer Success


Does the following limit your business: 

  • Low Influence and minimal impact

  • Underdeveloped VIP relationships?

  • Your integrity & expertise are questioned?

  • Low conversion rates?

  • Stressful team dynamics, and a high rate of misunderstandings?

Due to:

  • Having a hard time connecting with your audience

  • Mono dynamic presentations

  • Low confidence

  • Overly Cerebral (the "walking head" syndrome) 

  • Tension, anxiety, self-consciousness  ... and more... 

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